City of Goldsboro Submits Audit for Fiscal Year 2023

City of Goldsboro Submits Audit for Fiscal Year 2023

On June 30, the City of Goldsboro successfully submitted its audit report for fiscal year 2023 to the Local Government Commission (LGC). This achievement marks the first time in several years that the city has been fully caught up on its audits, reflecting a significant milestone in its financial management.

“We are pleased to have achieved this milestone and are committed to maintaining our momentum in staying caught up on our audits,” said Interim City Manager Matt Livingston. “Our next step will be following up on removal from the Unit Assistance List. I’m confident this will happen as our financial position is strong and has been trending in the right direction for some time.”

By submitting the completed audit by July 1, the City is in compliance with the North Carolina General Statute regarding annual independent audits and will not face any withholding of sales tax distributions.