UMO Librarian to End Career After More Than Five Decades

UMO Librarian to End Career After More Than Five Decades

MOUNT OLIVE – University of Mount Olive Director of Library Services Pam Wood will check in her final book at Moye Library on June 30.

It will mark the end of a 55-year career at the institution that she has called her second home since 1966 when she enrolled as a student at what was then Mount Olive Junior College.

“I started working in Moye Library as a cataloger as a freshman,” Wood recalls. “I enjoyed it so much that after obtaining my associate’s degree, I transferred to Appalachian State University to obtain my library science degree.”

With a love for books and a degree in hand, Wood returned to the college in 1970 to begin her duties as the Assistant Librarian. She became Head Librarian in September 2003. It is a position that has matched her skillset and her quiet and dependable nature.

One of her lifelong friends and coworkers, Sonya McCoy Obrien, said, “Pam is a consummate professional and lifelong learner. She possesses intellectual curiosity and a willingness to assist students and faculty alike. Her legacy to UMO and Moye Library is one of dedication and unwavering commitment. We should all have a friend who is a librarian.”

Wood has been an integral part of the development of Moye Library, from some 12,000 book volumes to a library with access to over half a million books, databases, and digital and electronic resources. When she first started, the card catalog was just that: 3X5 cards in a cabinet with many drawers.

“The cards were filled alphabetically by author, title, or subject,” Wood said. “To check out a book, students had to write their name on a card on the back of the book.”

Much has changed since those early years, but one thing has remained…Wood’s steadfast presence.

“In all this change, Pam has transitioned with the needed skills, knowledge, and absolute dedication to her work for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the greater community,” said Wood’s cousin and colleague Gary Barefoot.“The story of her part in the growth and development of UMO, and especially Moye Library, will be an inspiration and challenge to her successor.”

“Through the years, there have been many things I have enjoyed about the work,” Wood said. “I have made many lifelong relationships that are very important to me. I will miss building new relationships related to the University, and I will also miss assisting people, especially students, with their library needs.”

Now, at age 75, Wood is ready for the next chapter. “I want to do some volunteer work and become more involved with activities such as Bible study groups,” she said. “I also look forward to spending more time with friends.”

Interesting Tidbits about Pam Wood

· The Pickle Classic is her favorite UMO tradition.

· Wood prefers printed books.

· Debbie McComber is her favorite leisure-reading author.

· Her favorite café food is one from way back when Aunt Mary made the chocolate cake.

· Wood’s favorite time of day in the library is after lunch when more students tend to gather for studying and research.

· Originally born in Sampson County, Wood moved to Johnston County in the ninth grade and graduated from Four Oaks High School. She has lived most of her adult life in Mount Olive.

· Wood attends Blackman’s Grove Baptist Church.

· When asked what books are to Wood, she said, “Books are good company.”