Cures for the Colors Scheduled for Sept. 23

Cures for the Colors Scheduled for Sept. 23

The Cures for the Colors Color Run, a flagship fundraising event organized by Southeastern Cancer Care, is scheduled for Sept. 23 at Wayne Community College.

The Cures for the Colors Color Run is an important event that provides essential support to those facing cancer. This year’s event features a 5K run and a Fun Run for families and children. The event’s Kid’s Zone is sponsored by Goldsboro Pediatrics. Children ages 3-13 will be able to enjoy inflatables and an obstacle course for free. This year, there will also be a wide array of vendors selling delicious coffees, desserts, clothing, handmade purses, bags, and giving away educational materials.

“We are excited for this year’s Cures for the Colors Color Run,” said Dr. Jason Boyd, Board Member of Southeastern Cancer Care. “This event not only supports our mission, but also fosters a sense of togetherness in our community. It’s a day where participants can express support, honor loved ones, and give hope to someone currently battling cancer.”

It is important to note that the proceeds from the Color Run directly contribute to Southeastern Cancer Care’s efforts in providing gas, groceries, utility assistance, and medication support to those undergoing the hardships of cancer treatment. Every step taken during the event represents a stride towards alleviating the financial burdens that often accompany this challenging journey.

With the September date drawing near, Southeastern Cancer Care urges individuals, families, and businesses to register, sponsor, and join hands in creating an unforgettable event that gives hope and a little extra help to people fighting cancer.

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Southeastern Cancer Care was founded in 2011 by the doctors at Southeastern Medical Oncology. The doctors saw firsthand the need to support cancer patients financially as they battled their cancer diagnosis so that patients would not have to choose between treatment and basic living essentials.

Southeastern Cancer Care is a 501 C3 organization dedicated to providing gas cards, grocery cards, and help with utility bills and oncology prescriptions. All of the funds raised go directly to cancer patients and their families. Southeastern Cancer Care runs completely off monetary donations, volunteers’ time, and resources.