WCPS Announces Principal and Central Service Changes

WCPS Announces Principal and Central Service Changes

On Aug. 7, the Wayne County Board of Education approved the following principal and Central Services changes:

Edgewood Community Developmental School principal, Dr. Kevin D. Smith, Sr., was named principal of Carver Heights Elementary. He is replacing Dr. Winter Goodson, whose last day is Aug. 11. Dr. Smith began his education career in 2005 as an instructional assistant, and later as a teacher, at Edgewood Community Developmental School. Prior to being named principal of Edgewood in 2019, Dr. Smith served as an educator and principal at Riverbend School at Cherry Hospital. Dr. Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in exceptional children’s education, a master’s degree in school administration, and a doctorate’s in education.

The 2023-2024 Wayne County Public Schools Assistant Principal of the Year, Linda Brown Rouse, was named principal of Edgewood Community School. Mrs. Brown Rouse began her education career in 1993 as a parent involvement coordinator with Cumberland County Schools. She later became a teacher and assistant principal with Cumberland County Schools. Mrs. Brown Rouse joined Wayne County Public Schools as a Dillard Middle teacher in 2004. Prior to being named assistant principal of Carver Elementary in 2020, Mrs. Brown Rouse served as an assistant principal at Brogden Primary, Grantham School, and Grantham Middle. Mrs. Brown Rouse holds a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s degree in middle school science, and a master’s degree in school administration.

Assistant Director for Career & Technical Education (CTE), Stephen Kelley, was named CTE Director. He is replacing Beverly Boltinhouse, who recently retired. Mr. Kelley began his education career in 1998 as a business education teacher with Cumberland County Schools. Prior to joining Wayne County Public Schools in 2022 as the CTE Assistant Director, Mr. Kelley served as a CTE Senior analyst with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), an NCDPI CTE Curriculum and Instruction Management Consultant, and a CTE Instructional Management Coordinator with Cumberland County Schools. Mr. Kelley holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration/teacher education and a master’s degree in school administration.

“Mr. Smith has led some outstanding work at Edgewood and his reputation in the community will make him an asset at Carver Heights Elementary as he works to continue and build upon the strong community engagement efforts already in place at the school,” states. Dr. Marc Whichard, Superintendent. “Mrs. Brown Rouse and Mr. Kelley also bring a wealth of experience and a passion for education and supporting children to their new roles.”

The two principal changes will take effect on Aug. 14. Mr. Kelley began his new role on Aug. 8.