Goldsboro Rotary Celebrates Members with Longevity

Goldsboro Rotary Celebrates Members with Longevity

Wayne County, NC – Rotary’s year-end celebration was more than a recollection of the successful year, it was also a celebration and honoring of two long term members with recognition.

On June 27, 2023, during a traditional time of passing the gavel to the next leader, Rotarians also took time to recognize both Rotarian Phil Baddour and Rotarian Robert Worley for their 50+ years of membership in the Goldsboro Rotary Club.  

Rotarian Phil Baddour shared a few words, “By my calculation, I have been a member of Rotary since the beginning of 1969 – 54 years. All that time has been with the Goldsboro Rotary Club.”  He continued to share his reasons for participating, “I’ve continued being a member of Rotary because of the friendships that I’ve made over the years, my enjoyment of the meeting itself including having lunch with friends, and Rotary members who make so many contributions to our community and the informative programs.”

Baddour wrapped up his comments explaining another benefit of attending Rotary meetings, “Over the years, many of the leaders of our community have been members of the Goldsboro Rotary Club. Being a member gave me a weekly opportunity to interact with those leaders, to learn about what they were doing in the various positions that they have held and to give my input on topics of interest to me.”

Congratulations to Rotarians Phil Baddour and Robert Worley of the Goldsboro Rotary Club. 

Photos:   Robert Worley.  Phil Baddour with outgoing President Bethany Perry.