Taylor Announces Bid for City Council District 3

Taylor Announces Bid for City Council District 3

Jamie Taylor, a devoted community advocate and catalyst for positive change, has proudly declared her candidacy for the Goldsboro City Council District 3 seat.

Taylor has owned 1st Choice Bail Bonds in Goldsboro, NC since 2003, and is also a licensed Private Investigator Associate with Prime One Investigations. Taylor brings a wealth of experience to the table including finance, mediation, diversity, and bridging divides.

Taylor actively serves on the Parks and Recreation’s Advisory Commission where she now holds the position of chair, and volunteers with the Tommy’s Foundation, where they dedicate their efforts to assist unhoused individuals and those struggling with addiction in our community.

Focusing on public safety, neighborhood revitalization, youth intervention programs, economic growth, drug addiction, and homelessness assistance, Taylor aims to foster a safer, more prosperous, and inclusive Goldsboro for all residents.

Having been a lifelong resident of Goldsboro, she has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by our community. With a profound understanding of the issues affecting District 3, Taylor is unwavering in her commitment to address them directly and work tirelessly to effect positive change.

Key priorities of Taylor’s campaign include:

  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement Support: Recognizing the paramount importance of public safety and the critical role played by law enforcement and first responders in our community, she will strongly advocate for higher pay and equitable compensation for our dedicated officers and first responders. Attracting and retaining the best professionals in law enforcement will be a priority to ensure the safety and well-being of all Goldsboro residents. Residents deserve to feel safe in their homes and children deserve to play outside without fear.
  • Neighborhood Revitalization: Taylor is resolute in tackling the blight and abandonment issues that plague District 3 and affect the entire city. With a comprehensive approach that encompasses strategic planning and collaborative partnerships with community organizations, she will actively work towards helping to create safer environments, boosting property values, and generating additional revenue through property taxes. These efforts will not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also foster an attractive environment for new businesses, ultimately fueling overall economic growth.
  • Youth Empowerment: Taylor firmly believes in investing in our youth to secure a brighter future for Goldsboro. She wants to support and push for educational opportunities, extracurricular programs, mentorship initiatives, and recreational activities, that will empower young individuals by helping to provide them with the tools and the support they need to succeed and make positive choices.
  • Addressing Drug Addiction and Homelessness: Recognizing the profound impact of drug addiction on crime rates and the detrimental effects on present and future generations, Taylor will fervently advocate for comprehensive support systems and resources to assist those struggling with addiction. She will support ideas and programs that will focus on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Moreover, she is committed to addressing homelessness in our community by working towards finding effective solutions that provide assistance, and support those in need. While distinct issues, both homelessness and addiction share underlying similarities, demanding urgent attention and compassionate solutions within our community.

“In my line of work, I frequently encounter clients who find themselves in the midst of these challenges. It is a truly devastating fact. We are all human and deserve a fair shot in life. When elected, I will work tirelessly to bring about the necessary changes our community needs, coming up with effective solutions to help people while they are at their lowest.”

  • Economic Growth and Downtown Revitalization: Taylor is dedicated to helping to build a stronger economy for Goldsboro. By attracting new businesses, supporting existing enterprises, local entrepreneurs, and cultivating a vibrant business environment, she aims to create job opportunities, increase revenue, and enhance the overall prosperity of Goldsboro. She will support any business owner trying to make an honest living.

Taylor is excited to engage with the residents of District 3 and the entire city of Goldsboro throughout her campaign and beyond. To learn more about Jamie’s candidacy or get involved, please visit: jamietaylorfordistrict3.com.