Walmart on Tommy’s Road Celebrates Grand Reopening

Walmart on Tommy’s Road Celebrates Grand Reopening

Walmart customers in Goldsboro were welcomed inside the newly transformed Neighborhood Market at1144 Tommy’s Road, on June 16, as the much-anticipated project is now complete. The store’s associates marked the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and community celebration. The event was attended by local Goldsboro organizations including representatives from Wayne County Veterans and Patriots Coalition, Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County and Free Youth Outreach.

During the celebration, Walmart store manager Maria Campbell highlighted the Neighborhood Market’s transformed departments as well as the new interactive features now available to customers, including:

  • Expanded online, pickup and delivery services

  • New digital menu boards, expanded check-out options and updated registers

  • New and expanded service desk

  • Freshly painted interior and exterior

  • Expanded pharmacy services with new health and wellness room and two drive-thru’s

  • New restrooms for customers

  • New and expanded merchandise in every department

  • New signage throughout the store

This remodel is not only an investment in the store but also in our customers and city,” said Campbell. “I’m proud of our associates for their hard work and for getting us to the finish line; we look forward to exceeding our customers’ expectations as we continue to serve the Goldsboro community.” 

To reinforce Walmart’s dedication to the communities it serves, the store manager presented $4,500 in grants to local nonprofit organizations, including:

  • $2,500 to Wayne County Veterans and Patriots Coalition

  • $1,500 to Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County

  • $500 to Free Youth Outreach

Goldsboro Walmart customers can save time and money by shopping when, where and how they want. The Goldsboro store continues to offer the following innovations:

  • Pickup – Walmart’s Pickup option has become a favorite among busy shoppers. It provides the convenience of online shopping and allows them to quickly collect their groceries without stepping out of their vehicles. The best part is that Walmart Grocery Pickup is completely free of charge. Furthermore, customers using SNAP in most states have the option to avail themselves of the pickup service as well.

  • Delivery – Walmart’s convenient delivery service is also a hit with customers. Even more, Walmart has now made both pickup and delivery contact-free. Express delivery – customers now have the option to have their deliveries made in under two hours.

  • Walmart Pay – a touch-free way to pay.