Update: Pile Up Closes 795 at Wayne/Wilson County Line

Update: Pile Up Closes 795 at Wayne/Wilson County Line


On Tuesday evening, Highway 795 was declared open again after an alarming pileup involving nearly two dozen vehicles. An eyewitness, who happened to be a driver approaching the accident scene, shared his experience with Goldsboro Daily News. He narrated how he narrowly averted a crash with his tractor-trailer (horse van) by swerving onto the shoulder just in time before the impact.

He explained that poor visibility due to smoke from a controlled burn in a nearby field led to the disastrous chain reaction of collisions. Springing into action, the driver and his co-driver grabbed fire extinguishers and began assisting trapped drivers while also putting out a vehicle fire near a propane truck, showcasing commendable bravery and quick thinking under pressure.

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Interstate 795 has come to a halt after a massive multi-vehicle collision took place on Tuesday evening, situated near the border of Wilson County and Wayne County. As per the information provided by DriveNC, the incident transpired on I-795 close to Alton Road, positioned just south of Black Creek in Wilson County. Among the vehicles involved was a tractor-trailer loaded with propane; however, reports have confirmed that it was empty of content during the time of impact, ensuring no danger to the public.

The closure of I-795 extends for a three-mile stretch following Exit 9, with DriveNC estimating a minimum downtime of four hours for the affected roads.

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