Piedmont Natural Gas to Perform Routine Infrastructure Maintenance in Snow Hill, N.C

Piedmont Natural Gas to Perform Routine Infrastructure Maintenance in Snow Hill, N.C

In order to maintain the highest level of safety and reliability in their natural gas services, Piedmont Natural Gas is scheduled to carry out essential infrastructure maintenance from June 5th to 13th on Griffin Road’s 1200 block in Snow Hill, N.C. This timeline is subject to change due to potential weather-related delays.

During this time, residents and businesses may notice a flare stack in operation, which may emit loud noises, a tall visible flame, whistling sounds, or even the scent of natural gas.

Rest assured, this flaring operation is a well-regulated process that will be supervised by experienced Piedmont Natural Gas employees in collaboration with local fire department resources.

Please be aware that access to the worksite is limited for safety reasons, and therefore photography, drone usage, or interviews cannot be facilitated at the job site. For assistance with media inquiries, kindly contact the designated media representative noted above.

Piedmont Natural Gas remains committed to prioritizing safety for its customers, workforce, and communities served. By performing these critical maintenance tasks, the company aims to ensure its ongoing provision of safe and reliable natural gas service while addressing growing demand.

Throughout the maintenance period, Piedmont Natural Gas personnel and authorized contractors will be responsible for overseeing all infrastructure activities as well as any required flaring operations. Local fire department resources may also provide support as necessary.