WCPS Recognizes 2022-2023 Retirees

WCPS Recognizes 2022-2023 Retirees

After many years of dedicated service to Wayne County Public Schools, 93 retiring employees were recognized at the district’s 2022-2023 Retirement Ceremony held this week at the Lane Tree Conference Center.

As a part of the celebration, two Central Services administrators were honored:

Dr. David A. Lewis: Dr. Lewis served as superintendent of Wayne County Public Schools from July 2021 through December 2022. Dr. Lewis is a veteran administrator with 32 years of public education experience including teaching, school administration, and district leadership. He also served six months as the district’s interim superintendent. Prior to this transition, he spent more than seven years as an assistant superintendent. During this time, areas under his leadership included: accountability, testing, OCR, PowerSchool, EVAAS district administrator, special projects, technology integration/support, program evaluation, student assignment (Regular Ed), district calendar committee, principal evaluation support, NC School Report Card, transportation, school staffing allotments, student services, and athletics. From June 2020 through October 2020, Dr. Lewis also served as the district’s interim finance officer.

It is worth noting as part of his advancement to district leadership, Dr. Lewis served as executive director for information technology/athletics, director of elementary education/athletics, principal of Rosewood Elementary, principal of Rosewood High, and assistant principal of Goldsboro High. He also taught and later served as an assistant principal at John A. Holmes High School in Edenton, North Carolina. Dr. Lewis holds a Bachelor’s degree in English education, a master’s degree in school administration, and a doctorate’s degree in educational leadership.

Beverly Boltinhouse: Mrs. Boltinhouse has served as the Career & Technical Education Director since October 2015. Prior to this role, she served a little over a year as the district Finance Officer and spent two decades with the district as a business education teacher. Prior to entering the classroom in 1994, Mrs. Boltinhouse had 14-years of business and finance experience with positions ranging from operations manager at a local credit union to payroll supervisor with the school district. Mrs. Boltinhouse holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Data Processing and a master’s degree in business education. Mrs. Boltinhouse has been a National Board Certified teacher since 2004. She will officially retire July 31, 2023.

This year’s retirees included bus drivers, custodians, child nutrition assistants, bookkeepers, instructional assistants, Maintenance Department staff, Operations Department staff, Transportation Department staff, teachers, school counselors, school social workers, and assistant principals. District leaders say this week’s celebration was a great way to thank all of them for their important contributions to public education.

“Each of our retirees have given their time, talents, and at times their own resources to make a difference in a child’s educational journey,” stated Dr. Yvette Smith Mason, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Professional Development. “Their dedication and commitment to the students and families of Wayne County Public Schools is greatly appreciated. We wish all of our retirees a wonderful future ahead.”

All total, retirees had approximately 2,210 cumulative years employed in the education profession in North Carolina. The 2022-2023 retirees are as follows:

NamePositionSchool/Central Services DepartmentTotal Years Working in NC Education
Geraldine AllenChild Nutrition AssistantBrogden Middle School6.5
Samanthia AlstonTeacherMeadow Lane Elementary School21.5
Sylvia AndersonInstructional AssistantSpring Creek Elementary School43
Vincent BeasleyTeacherEastern Wayne High School29.5
Harold BestTeacherSouthern Wayne High School20.5
Carolyn BollingTeacherMount Olive Middle School29.5
Beverly BoltinhouseCareer & Technical Education DirectorCentral Services33
Jeffery BradleyTeacherGrantham Middle School29
Tammy BraswellTeacherBrogden Primary School26.5
Veronica BrooksChild Nutrition AssistantEdgewood Community Develop. School8
Jan CareyTeacherWayne Middle/High Academy17
Michele CottonTeacherBrogden Primary School30
Sheila CovarTeacherWayne Early/Middle College High26
Donna CoxTeacherGoldsboro High School27
Trelvia CromartieTeacherSouthern Wayne High School29.5
Lynn CrumplerTeacherSpring Creek Elementary School26
Athams DavisFuel Truck DriverTransportation Department5
Jeffrey DavisTeacherSpring Creek High School29
Melisa DavisTeacherSpring Creek Elementary School29.5
Shari DavisTeacherNortheast Elementary School29
April DawSchool CounselorWayne Middle/High Academy20
Tessa DentonTeacherSpring Creek Elementary School21
Joseph DurhamTeacherFremont STARS Elementary School21
Laura EastmanInstructional AssistantTommy’s Road Elementary School25.5
Jennifer EdmundsonTeacherCharles B. Aycock High School29
Tracy EdmundsonTeacherNortheast Elementary School29
Tosharika ElamTeacherBrogden Middle School25
Julie FailTeacherGrantham Elementary School22
Linda GrayTeacherNortheast Elementary School24.5
Valorie GregorySchool CounselorEastern Wayne Elementary School28
Michelle GurleySchool CounselorMeadow Lane Elementary School29
Dennis HallTeacherSouthern Wayne High School17
Teresa HallInstructional AssistantBrogden Primary School15
Jerry HamWarehousemanOperations Department28
Sharon HarrellBookkeeperEastern Wayne High School21
Susan HartmanTeacherNortheast Elementary School21
Nannie HatcherTeacherSouthern Wayne High School27
Kimberly HatsellSchool Social WorkerGrantham Elementary School29.5
Mia HeathTeacherEastern Wayne Elementary School36
Karen HelmsTeacherEastern Wayne Middle School29
Sally HillInstructional AssistantSpring Creek Elementary School10.5
Teresa HinesAssistant PrincipalNorthwest Elementary School24.5
Sharon HobbsAssistant PrincipalSpring Creek Middle School35.5
Betty HowellInstructional AssistantTommy’s Road Elementary School27
Cedric JacksonCustodianRosewood High School27.5
Glenda JerniganTeacherRosewood Middle School28
Myra JohnsonTeacherRosewood High School27
Robert Johnson Jr.CustodianEastern Wayne Elementary School8.5
Richard KendallGrounds CrewMaintenance Department7.5
Tammy KennedyTeacherSpring Creek High School16.5
Delia KimberlinTeacherNorthwest Elementary School30
Carla KincaidTeacherSpring Creek Middle School20
Stacey KlinkichtTeacherEastern Wayne Middle School18.5
Kenneth LancasterRooferMaintenance Department30
David LewisSuperintendentCentral Services32
Gloria Jean LipscombInstructional AssistantGrantham Elementary School21
Mark LourySchool CounselorSpring Creek High School17
Matilda MarrinerTeacherMeadow Lane Elementary School35.5
Karen McCallTeacherBrogden Primary School24
Geraldine MillerInstructional AssistantDillard Middle School25.5
Donna MoerieInstructional AssistantMeadow Lane Elementary School31
Lori MoodyChild Nutrition Assistant/ Bus DriverBrogden Primary School18.5
Jeneen MooreInstructional AssistantBrogden Primary School20
Karen MorganTeacherCarver Elementary School25
Doris NewtonTeacherNorthwest Elementary School25.5
Lisa PageTeacherEastern Wayne High School30
Judy PetersonChild Nutrition AssistantBrogden Primary School13
Sandra PettitDistance Learning FacilitatorSouthern Wayne High School18
Lori PotterBookkeeperSpring Creek High School26
Rhet PotterTeacherSouthern Wayne High School29
Shelly ProctorTeacherSouthern Wayne High School30
Karen ProsserBookkeeperEastern Wayne Elementary School19.5
Gladys RengifoTeacherGoldsboro High School21
Jacqueline RogersTeacherNorth Drive Elementary School25.5
Sheila RollinsTeacherNortheast Elementary School34
Ina RoyerTeacherSpring Creek High School16
Rebecca SasserTeacherNortheast Elementary School32
Christine SimmonsData ManagerEastern Wayne Elementary School28.5
Bernadine SkeltonBus DriverEastern Wayne High School9
Kimberly SmithTeacherEastern Wayne High School30
Selena SmithTeacherWayne Early/Middle College High28
Brian StewartTeacherSpring Creek High School30.5
Bobbie StoverChild Nutrition AssistantBrogden Middle School14
Linda TaylorSchool Social WorkerNorthwest Elementary School17
Alice ThorntonInstructional AssistantEastern Wayne Elementary School16
Tammy VailTeacherCharles B. Aycock High School30
Mural VannInstructional AssistantCarver Elementary School32
Donna VaughanTeacherCarver Heights Elementary School5.5
Mabelle WashingtonChild Nutrition AssistantSouthern Wayne High School9
Carolyn WegmanTeacherEastern Wayne High School24
Fannie WilliamsBus DriverTransportation Department9
Jeffrey WinbushAssistant PrincipalGoldsboro High School22
Rhonda WinslowTeacherRosewood Elementary School33