Eagles Sore High as Firebirds Flames Burn Out

Eagles Sore High as Firebirds Flames Burn Out

With three individual RBIs from Wyatt Lassiter, Root Merritt, and Landon Tyndall, the Eagles flew out to a commanding 4-0 lead in the first three innings of the game to put out the Firebirds’ early flames.

From the very beginning of the game, the Eagles’ offensively and defensively were locked in. With three early pitcher substitutions in the first three innings, the Firebirds attempted to reignite their flame. The Eagles kept swooping the Firebirds popups out of the air to maintain the game’s momentum as they continued to try to make plays while the Firebirds persisted in hunting for their flames.

With the advantage of momentum, the Eagles flew through the following three innings to take a 7-0 lead in the game. The Eagles totaled 6 RBIs as a team. The 7-0 deficit didn’t appear to deter the Firebirds. They appeared to have accepted the challenge of making a run in the top of the 7th inning, and they finally found the spark to keep the game entertaining and bring life to their visiting fans.

They scored two runs on an incredible hit by senior Christan Brinkley to decrease the Eagles lead to 7-2. On the following play, Avery Good hits a double that sends Christan Brinkley racing to third and into a prime scoring position. Root Merritt, who had been pitching well for the Eagles the entire game, made the score 7-3 by throwing a wild pitch that allowed Brinkley to advance and spark additional flames in the dugout. Eagle made a pitcher change to allow Robbie Boren to finish the game. The Firebirds were put out by Boren, who had no trouble ending the game despite his one wild pitch that allowed a run to score and bring the score to 7-4. 

The Eagles moved to the next round of the playoffs and will attempt to soar past the North Moore Mustangs on May 19th in the game that will be announced in Robbins. The Falls Lake Firebirds put in a valiant effort to keep their flames burning, but their postseason hopes were ultimately extinguished.

By Jalaan Signal