Eastern Nephrology Acquires Goldsboro’s Carolina Kidney & Vascular

Eastern Nephrology Acquires Goldsboro’s Carolina Kidney & Vascular

North Carolina’s leading nephrology practice, Eastern Nephrology Associates has acquired Carolina Kidney & Vascular, PA, with offices in Goldsboro and Clinton, NC.

Carolina Kidney & Vascular was founded by Robert Dunmire, MD, providing services in general nephrology, interventional nephrology and pediatric nephrology. Also in the practice is general neprologist Thejaswini “TJ” Kempananjappa Kaggere, MD. The practice currently manages care at ten dialysis centers in the surrounding areas.

Eastern Nephrology will be combining its Goldsboro services with Carolina Kidney and Vascular under the Eastern Nephrology umbrella thru offices in Goldsboro and Clinton.

Eastern Nephrology President Dr. Carney Taylor said, “For years, Dr. Dunmire and Carolina Kidney has provided excellent service to the Goldsboro area and we are thrilled to combine services as we continue to expand our advanced Value-Based Care throughout eastern North and South Carolina. We’re also looking forward to having Dr. Kaggere (“Dr. TJ”) join our team.