Goldsboro City Council Will Discuss Church Spirit & Cocktails

Goldsboro City Council Will Discuss Church Spirit & Cocktails

The Goldsboro City Council meets Monday, April 17, with a familiar item on the agenda.

The council is expected to discuss a request to change a city ordinance to allow Church Spirit & Cocktails to move to 116 West Mulberry Street – putting it across from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The current rules would prevent the move since the church and the drinking establishment would be too close. The current rules state that bars, microbreweries and similar establishments can’t be located within 50 feet of a church. When measuring that 50 foot buffer, city officials cannot consider distances created by buildings and roads.

If the council agrees to the rule+ change then owner Kyle Merritt would still need to request a specific Special Use Permit.

The issue was discussed at two prior council meetings and a vote was delayed until tonight.

In other council business there is a request to spend $171,000 on a dump truck for the Compost Facility, replacing an older truck.

Police Chief Mike West has asked for more than $67,000 to upfit 7 police vehicles.

A handful of city departments have figured out insurance costs are outpacing their estimated needs. The Parks & Recreation Department needs $10,000 more and the Goldsboro City Police is asking for $8,000 extra. 

The Goldsboro City Council meets in a work session at 5:00 pm and the regular council meeting begins at 7:00.