Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Adds Mobile Command Center

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Adds Mobile Command Center

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office recently took delivery of their new mobile command center vehicle designed by LDV Custom Specialty Vehicles. LDV is the global leader in custom specialty vehicles. Since 1977, they have designed and built world-class mobile command centers, SWAT vehicles, bookmobiles, medical vehicles, and more. This project was made possible through American Rescue Plan funding from the Wayne County Board of Commissioners and $500,000 in state funding from our state legislators.

This 45-foot state-of-the-art command vehicle features scene surveillance, mobile dispatch positions, space for command staff, and a full suite of IT infrastructure to allow responders to perform all required duties in the field. While this vehicle will be maintained and operated by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, this vehicle will serve all emergency services on large-scale incidents.

“I appreciate all those involved in purchasing and designing this much-needed piece of equipment for Wayne County, “said Sheriff Larry Pierce. “We have had a need for a vehicle like this for years. Our partners at the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office have allowed us to use their command vehicle numerous times, and we appreciate their willingness to help. We are glad that we can now serve our citizens and help others with our command center. “

“We appreciate our state legislators for identifying a need and helping fund this important piece of equipment, “said Chairwoman Barbara Aycock, Wayne County Board of Commissioners. “We have called on our neighbors in Johnston County quite a few times, and that shows you that there was a need for a mobile command center like this. “

“As a volunteer firefighter and advocate for the fire service, I have witnessed the benefits of a command center during emergencies, “said Vice-Chairman Chris Gurley. “This is a piece of equipment you hope you don’t have to use, but if it’s needed, it will be ready to deploy to help the citizens of Wayne County.”