Goldsboro Mayor Outlines Infrastructure Plans

Goldsboro Mayor Outlines Infrastructure Plans

Goldsboro City leaders are now developing the budget priorities for next year — and some big projects might be needed.

Mayor David Ham says the city water and sewage systems need work. “We have been dealing with infrastructure problems for the last 6 or 7 years. “

Problems with both were obvious during recent hurricanes. Ham says underground piping and both the sewage treatment and water intake plant need work. The aged underground pipes are being replaced as an ongoing project.

The city would like to repave some streets — and that’s something which has been put off over the last few years.

The mayor said the city is looking for grants from the state and federal governments to help with infrastructure. The working budget is about 300 pages long, and Ham says the budget manager and city staff are going over it line item by line item.