Bill to Relax Degree Requirements for State Jobs Moved Forward

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Bill to Relax Degree Requirements for State Jobs Moved Forward

By a vote of 111-2, the N.C. House approved a bill today to re-evaluate four-year college degree requirements for state jobs.

House Bill 210, Reduce Barriers to State Employment, directs the State Human Resources Commission to assess state government jobs and remove academic degree requirements when practicable.

The bill also instructs the commission to determine when work experience and training, such as military service, an apprenticeship and trade school education, can replace the need for a college degree.

“This is a small but significant way to encourage and hire more people that are skilled through alternative routes,” said House Majority Leader John Bell (R-Wayne), who is the bill’s primary sponsor. “We have a record number of vacant state positions, and eliminating unnecessary college degree requirements will make it easier to fill some of these jobs with qualified applicants. I’m proud to have introduced this bill to reduce barriers to state employment and recognize the value of real-life work experience and training.”

The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration.