Parking Plan on Pause

Parking Plan on Pause

Goldsboro City Councilors and some residents generally agreed that something needs to be done to help alleviate parking issues downtown — but there was no agreement at last night’s meeting about how to go forward.

Residents spoke about the trouble that a two hour parking restriction would cause while others said there is no need to restrict parking. This was the second public hearing on parking in the downtown district.

The development of apartments in the area has created issues. Retail shopping is also strong, and business owners told counselors that both employees and customers need places to park. Both groups might need to stay in downtown longer than two hours.

Jill Poythress of Mimi’s Boutique pointed out that a two hour restriction would force her 16-year old employee to park far away from work. Pastor Pete Norris encouraged city leaders to come together to create a plan for parking. Some residents asked city counselors to talk with business owners about any changes in policy.

Mayor David Ham indicated the council must eventually do something. District 4 Counselor Brandi Matthews agreed the city needs to do eventually act, but city leaders must look beyond the options already discussed.

Councilors agreed to continue discussions at the April 3rd meeting.