Goldsboro City Council Notes

Goldsboro City Council Notes

If you’ve ever been in a meeting at work and noticed that it is longer than you planned, the Goldsboro City Council has you beat. Last night’s meeting was five and a half hours long.

The City of Goldsboro has honored two men for service to the community.

Dennis Goodson was honored with a city council resolution for more than 40 years of service to Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Goodson was praised for his work as a liason between the base and the city.

The city Procurement Manager Tim Wood was praised for earning the Billy D. Ray Purchaser of the Year award at the North Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Conference in March. Mayor David Ham praised Wood’s work in the Purchasing Department.

Resolutions remembered Vietnam Veterans Day, Women’s History Month and the 135th Colored Troops (USCT) 158th birthday.

The Council gave approval for Bricks Restaurant to go forward at 223 North Center Steet. The establishment will have an ABC permit and will feature live entertainment. Councilors agreed to restrict operators to inside events only. The Planning Department pointed out that the location ought to easily host events based on the square footage of inside space.