Goldsboro Downtown Parking Being Considered Tonight

Goldsboro Downtown Parking Being Considered Tonight

The Goldsboro City Council holds a meeting tonight — and 5 public hearings. The council will hear from citizens on Downtown parking regulations.

In 2016 there was a study determining there were 1,929 parking spaces in the area — but the number of upper story apartments has doubled.

A meeting to discuss the issue was held in January.

Tonight’s Public Hearing will be held during the regular meeting of the council at 7:00, at 214 North Center Street. The council has a work session which starts at 5:00.

Options include limiting time cars can be parked but keeping parking free…or charging a small amount for parking but issuing residential and business decals.

The Board plans to hear a presentation from Curtis Media Liza Govan on the Juneteenth celebration planned fort this summer — sponsored by 92.7 JAMZ. The presentation will be shortly after 5:00 PM, during the work session.