Piedmont Natural Gas Working in Mount Olive Today

Piedmont Natural Gas Working in Mount Olive Today

If you happen to see a tall column of flame in the sky in Mount Olive today, don’t worry.

As a part of its ongoing work to provide safe, reliable natural gas service, Piedmont Natural Gas will perform routine infrastructure maintenance near 115 Baker Chapel Church Road in Mt Olive, N.C. The work is expected to happen March 8, barring weather events that may impact the project timetable.

These operations will include the use of a flare stack (a large vertical pipe), which could produce a loud noise and result in a tall flame being visible to nearby neighborhoods and businesses. People in the area also may notice a whistling sound or the smell of natural gas.

Flare stack operation is a controlled process that will be managed and monitored by Piedmont Natural Gas personnel in cooperation with local fire department resources.