Solar Farms Short Circuited for Now

Solar Farms Short Circuited for Now

Two Solar farms planned for Wayne County were delayed this week when public concerns about pollution and property values were aired in front of the County Board of Commissioners.

“I know I can’t stop this,” said Larry Grady, a retired electrician who would be living next door to one of the solar farms. Grady lives on Indian Springs Road, near the proposed Sasser solar facility. Grady says the farm would hurt the natural environment in the area. “

“Deer, rabbits, squirrels…they’re all going to be gone.”

Experts from the two solar companies tried to calm the nerves of residents, who clearly did not want to be living near the panels. One man suggested electromagnetic waves from the farms could lower the life expectancy in the area. Others pointed out that water and soil quality could be permanently affected.

Grady and others were also concerned about how the farms might affect their enjoyment of the rural landscape. Some talked about increasing the buffer areas set up to block the view of the farms.

“I’m going to be looking at this solar farm the rest of my life,” Grady said.

The Board of Commissioners refused to approve special; use permits. The solar developers have been asked to talk over concerns with residents.