Goldsboro Daily News Welcomes News Director

Goldsboro Daily News Welcomes News Director

Curtis Media Group and welcomes News Director Dave Alexander to the staff. Alexander will be heard on all 5 stations of the Goldsboro group including 97.7 Katie Country, 98.3 WGBR, 105.7 WFMC, 92.9 WWMC and 92.7 JAMZ.

“This is a great place for radio. The stations are already very locally focused and I hope to bring more information to the airwaves and the website,” said Alexander.

Alexander will be the primary writer and reporter for goldsborodaily as well as the news voice for the radio stations. He is a retired school teacher with 30-some years experience in radio as a part-time announcer on Raleigh’s WPTF.

This is a return to full-time radio for Alexander after a long sabbatical. “After teaching for 23 years, I told my wife I wanted to return to my favorite job — doing radio news. She agreed, and now I am starting a new career.”

Expect to see Dave at Goldsboro City Council meetings and Wayne County Board of Commissioners meetings and anywhere news happens.

“I really want people to reach out if they have something which they think their neighbors should know about,” said Alexander. “It doesn’t have to be Earth-shattering. If your group is doing something for the Wayne County community, I want to write about it for”