Questions Remain on Duke Energy’s Rolling Outages

Questions Remain on Duke Energy’s Rolling Outages

The Governor is calling on Duke Energy to provide more information about the utility company’s decision to implement rolling outages this past weekend.  The Christmas weekend brought some of the coldest weather to North Carolina.

In a tweet Monday morning, Governor Cooper wrote: “Duke Energy assures me NC is in the clear now. But I’m deeply concerned about people who lost power and who didn’t get notice about rotating outages. Grateful for those who conserved energy. I’ve asked Duke for a complete report on what went wrong for changes to be made.”

On Saturday morning, customers woke to no power.  An email to customers alerted them that the extremely low temperatures and high energy demand have placed an unusual strain on the energy grid, and they were implementing rotating outages. The emails continued asking customers to power down all nonessential electric devices in the early morning hours. 

Temperatures will continue to rise throughout the week leading into the new year.  Citizens still question Duke Energy’s decision to use rolling blackouts during the holiday weekend to conserve energy and what happens when the colder temperatures return.