WCC Public Safety Division Benefits from Honor Our Firsts Gala

WCC Public Safety Division Benefits from Honor Our Firsts Gala

An event to recognize the contributions of the county’s first responders has benefitted the institution that trains them.

Proceeds from the Honor Our Firsts Gala held in March were used for a donation to Wayne Community College’s Public Safety Division.

The Honor Our Firsts Board, along with partner Wayne County Chamber of Commerce. and North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, presented a check for $10,000 to the college’s Foundation to be used for the needs of all of the college’s Public Safety programs.

“It was a wonderful and thoughtful donation, especially to have come from such a meaningful event,” said WCC Public Safety Dean Angie Waller. “It will be used to supplement the training equipment and any other needs of the division.”

We are “so proud of the money we raised for the Honor Our Firsts Gala to give back to our current and future first responders at Wayne Community College! Better equipment equals better trained first responders and a safer community!” said Board Chair Liz Arnette. “This would not have been possible without our local sponsors and those who purchased tickets.”

The second annual Honor Our Firsts Gala is planned for March 18, 2023.