NCCCS and WCC Announces Partnership with SunTree Snacks to Provide Customized Training

NCCCS and WCC Announces Partnership with SunTree Snacks to Provide Customized Training

The N.C. Community College System (NCCCS) today announces its partnership with SunTree Snack Foods LLC to provide customized training through Wayne Community College to help fill 94 jobs that the company’s new manufacturing facility will create in Wayne County.

“North Carolina has a strong history of food product manufacturing,” said NCCCS Interim President Dr. William Carver. “Wayne County is fortunate to have this new partner providing meaningful employment to the individuals prepared by Wayne Community College.”

SunTree Snack Foods manufactures and distributes branded and private label snack nuts, trail mix, dried fruit and seeds to retailers across the country. The company is expanding its presence in North Carolina by relocating its operation to a 184,000 square foot facility in Wayne County.

Wayne Community College, one of the state’s great 58 community colleges that serves Wayne and surrounding counties, will take the lead in providing customized training to new employees of the plant.

“Wayne Community College is excited that SunTree Snack Foods has selected Wayne County to establish its east coast manufacturing site,” said Wayne Community College President Patty Pfeiffer. “The college will work closely with company representatives to help develop and implement customized training that meets the needs of their industry and employees. A budget of up to $112,200 has been allocated to assist the company. We are looking forward to supporting SunTree as it establishes itself and prospers in our community and anticipate more opportunities to partner in the economic growth of Wayne County.”

The NCCCS Customized Training section will support up to $112,200 for the 94 jobs created by the company. The average wage of $44,169 exceeds the average wage of Wayne County at $38,401.

“This is a great day for the citizens of Wayne County,” said Dr. Bruce Mack, VP of Economic Development for the NCCCS. “The North Carolina Community College System and Wayne Community College look forward to partnering with SunTree Snack Foods on developing a customized training plan to meet their specific workforce development requirements for a well-trained and productive workforce.”