Cooper Signs NC Budget; COVID-19 Emergency To End August 15th

Cooper Signs NC Budget; COVID-19 Emergency To End August 15th

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper has signed into law the budget adjustments for the coming fiscal year that Republican legislators sent to his desk.

Monday’s signing marks the second year in a row that he’s accepted the GOP’s comprehensive state government spending plan. The changes provide slightly larger pay raises for teachers and state employees than what were planned in the state government budget already on the books. Cooper had until Monday night to sign the bill or veto it. Otherwise it would have become law.

Cooper also says that budget language will allow North Carolina’s COVID-19 state of emergency to end Aug. 15.

Gov. Cooper has also vetoed legislation that would demand North Carolina sheriffs learn the immigration status of their jails’ inmates and make an effort to hold them for federal agents. Monday’s action marks the second time in four years that he vetoed a measure related to how local law enforcement should interact with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

His 2019 veto was upheld and the GOP’s chances to override this veto appear small. Monday’s veto was one of four that he announced before a midnight deadline to act on the remaining seven measures on his desk from the General Assembly session that ended July 1.