Inmate Charged With Felony Attempted Murder Of Officer

Inmate Charged With Felony Attempted Murder Of Officer

On May 31, 2022, Detention Sgt. Joshua Leggett was violently attacked by an inmate housed within the Main Detention facility. Sgt. Leggett was attempting to perform his duties dealing with a non-compliant inmate. Sgt. Leggett used de-escalation tactics that were unsuccessful and was preparing to transport the inmate to a holding cell when the inmate suddenly and without warning attacked Sgt. Leggett. Sgt. Leggett sustained multiple injuries from the assault. The assault ended when Sgt. Leggett was able to draw his Taser, and the inmate fled within the secured facility area to prevent being Tased. While being subdued by other detention staff, Detention Officer Shaun Daughtry suffered an injury to his hand. Sgt. Leggett was transported to Wayne UNC Healthcare for his injuries. He was treated and released and remains at home to heal. D.O. Shaun Daughtry was also seen at Wayne UNC Healthcare for his injuries. He was treated and released as well. He will be out a few days and then return to work.

The detective division was contacted to investigate this assault. After completion of their investigation, Jahleek Joyner, 21, of Clinton, NC was charged on June 1, 2022, with felony attempted murder and felony assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious for the assault on Sgt. Leggett. He was also charged with felony assault on a detention employee resulting in physical injury for the assault on D.O. Daughtry. He is still being held in the detention facility under a $750,000.00 secured bond for his new charges.

Sheriff Pierce stated that his “detention officers face many dangers in their everyday duties. The detention officers are sometimes forgotten by the public when it comes to the duties they have to perform and the dangers that exist every day they come to work to ensure the citizens of Wayne County are safe from those accused of or sentenced for criminal acts. I am extremely thankful that Sgt. Leggett was not injured any worse than he was as the attack was extreme in nature. I am also thankful for those other detention officers who rushed toward the danger that existed to stop this senseless and violent attack upon a fellow detention officer, even at risk to their own health. I can only commend and be thankful to all of my detention staff for their faithful dedication to their responsibilities and the dangers they face every day.”