New Kiwanis Train Arrives [Photo Gallery]

New Kiwanis Train Arrives [Photo Gallery]

(GDN)–It was a very happy day Saturday morning as the brand new Kiwanis Miniature Train arrived at its new home at Herman Park in Goldsboro.

A very special group of strong supporters showed up early to catch the arrival of the brand new train that will take the place of the old train that left a few weeks ago. The new train looks just like the old one but with some new features, such as the new digital lighting, and a diesel engine.

The builder was on hand to help the crews in unloading the train with the help of T.A Loving employees that have been working on this project for over a year.

The new train should  be up and running by the Memorial Day weekend. See the schedule here. Bricks can still be purchased here.

Like the previous train, the City of Goldsboro will own the train as part of Herman Park.