NCDOT Safety Campaign Promotes Emergency Vehicles Awareness

NCDOT Safety Campaign Promotes Emergency Vehicles Awareness

From May 6-8, 2022 the N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program is partnering with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to remind motorists to Move Over or Slow Down for stopped emergency vehicles during the “Move Over, It’s the Law,” safety campaign. A violation of the law will result in a mandatory fine of $500 plus court costs.

Officials say every day, North Carolina law enforcement officers and other first responders take to the streets to keep people safe.  And every day, they put their lives at risk to do so. One of the most dangerous parts of a first responder’s job is stepping out on the side of the road, whether it is for a traffic stop, to assist a motorist or to investigate a crash.

When North Carolina’s law was passed in 2002, it directed motorists to change lanes or slow down when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the roadside.  In 2012, the law was revised to include “public service” vehicles.

Public service vehicles are any vehicle used to assist motorists or law enforcement officers with wrecked or disabled vehicles, or is a vehicle being used to install, maintain or restore utility service, including electric, cable, telephone, communications and gas and displays an amber light. This also includes NCDOT’s IMAP emergency response vehicles and tow trucks.