Survey Shows Medical Marijuana Favored By Most North Carolina Voters

Survey Shows Medical Marijuana Favored By Most North Carolina Voters

Most voters in North Carolina think medical and recreational marijuana use should be legalized in the state. That’s according to results of a WRAL News poll released Tuesday. SurveyUSA’s scientific poll found 57% of voters felt recreational use of marijuana should be legalized and 72% felt the medical use of marijuana should also be legal.

Only 18% of those polled felt medical marijuana should remain against the law and 32% of voters polled said recreational use should remain illegal. SurveyUSA randomly selected 2,500 North Carolina adults from April 6-10, of which 2,068 are registered to vote in the state. The group conducted the interviews in several regions of North Carolina, including Charlotte and west, the Greensboro area, the Raleigh area, southern and coastal communities.

It’s unclear what state lawmakers will do with Senate Bill 711, which calls for the legalization of prescription marijuana for a range of serious medical problems, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder and to help end-of-life pain or nausea.

In August 2021, SB 711 remained in the Rules and Operations of the Senate Standing Committee. Lawmakers could resume consideration of the legislation when they convene on May 18. The legislature is then set to adjourn on June 30.