In-Person Visitation Resumes at State Juvenile Facilities

In-Person Visitation Resumes at State Juvenile Facilities

(GDN) – This week, with COVID-19 infections decreasing and based upon updated guidance from state and federal health officials, the Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention resumed in-person visitation at all state facilities. Face coverings must still be worn by all people within a facility.

Virtual visitation will continue to be offered for parents who may face logistical barriers to in-person visits. If a facility has an active outbreak, visitation may be suspended or restricted. 

“Visitation is a critical component of our service to youth and their families,” said DJJDP Deputy Secretary William Lassiter. “Regular visits from family can maintain and strengthen family ties and helps to prepare youth for their return to their communities.”

Next week, approved volunteers will be able to resume their activities within facilities; off-campus staff-supervised outings will restart; and in-person service planning team meetings with parents/guardians will begin again, though a virtual option will remain available if requested by the parent. 

As part of their treatment plan, youths in commitment status for at least six months within DJJDP long-term commitment facilities are eligible to be considered for off-campus outings and eventual home visits with their parent or guardian, to prepare them to successfully reenter their communities. DJJDP officials expect these off-campus outings and home visits to resume sometime in April.