WCPS To Participate In Statewide Tornado Drill

WCPS To Participate In Statewide Tornado Drill

This week, Wayne County Public Schools will participate in the statewide tornado drill as part of North Carolina Severe Weather Awareness Week. The tornado drill will be held on all campuses across the district on Wednesday, March 9, with nearly all of the safety exercises occurring at 9:30 a.m. Schools that have later start times will conduct their drills after students arrive.

Tornado drills are an important tool to help reinforce emergency response plans with students and staff. They also allow principals and supervisors to assess how well their plans work and to determine if any issues or concerns need to be addressed.

As part of the tornado drill, teachers and school administrators will be required to move their students to designated locations in their school. Students and staff in mobile classrooms are also brought into the main building.