New WCC President Is “All In” For The College’s Future

Wayne Community College President Dr. Patty Pfeiffer

New WCC President Is “All In” For The College’s Future

(GDN) — An era of growth and change greets Wayne Community College’s new leader. 

Dr. Patty Pfeiffer was named WCC’s new President in December. 

Pfeiffer started at WCC in 1994 as a nursing instructor after she graduated from the college’s nursing program in 1988. 

Dr. Pfeiffer herself is a great example of WCC’s ability to change lives as she started taking classes at WCC when she was an Army Reservist.

Pfeiffer says she believes the college’s greatest opportunities are in short-term and continuing education training.

For instance, Dr. Pfeiffer says WCC is looking at ways to increase training for truck driving and Certified Nursing Assistants to meet current demands in the community.

Pfeiffer says WCC strives to be a military friendly school, especially with its proximity to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

Veterans can utilize WCC’s Military Center where a dedicated advisor can assist them with financial aid or utilizing their VA benefits.

Using Mount Olive Pickle’s recently announced expansion, Pfeiffer says WCC continues to meet the needs of area business and industry.

WCC will receive funding from the state to help train the workers necessary for Mt. Olive Pickle.

Beside helping large industry, Pfeiffer says WCC also works to meet the needs of small businesses, whether it be expansion, growth, or even with starting up.

Pfeiffer says Wayne Community College keeps looking at how it can add to its facilities and programs.

She points to Wayne Community College’s new freestanding Artificial Intelligence program and the forthcoming Entertainment Technologies program.

WCC’s new C.I.T.E building will incorporate curriculum classes as well as the short-term training for those courses, which including mechanical engineering, industrial systems and machining.

Dr. Pfeiffer acknowledges and wants to address the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

Wayne Community College is launching its “Bison Reconnect” program to reach out to students who may have had to leave over the past few semesters due to commitments at home and work due to the pandemic.

With nearly 28 years of service at WCC, Pfeiffer says she’s “All In” for the college and its future.

Dr. Pfeiffer said, “I love that we change peoples lives. We provide them with the education that they need. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do with my life.”

Dr. Pfeiffer is the eighth president in WCC’s history. 

She succeeded Dr. Thomas Walker who resigned from the position in July.

Dr. Patty Pfeiffer was introduced to the N.C. State Board of Community Colleges as the new president of Wayne Community College and addressed the group at its Feb. 21 meeting.