GPD Chief: Crime Down, Homicides Up In 2021

GPD Chief: Crime Down, Homicides Up In 2021

(GDN) — It’s a mixed bag when looking at the latest crime statistics in the City of Goldsboro. 

Goldsboro Police Chief Mike West talked about the numbers during the Goldsboro City Council’s Annual Retreat this week.

West says, overall, crime has dropped over the past five years, with a 13% reduction in crime in 2021.

Unfortunately, homicides were up in Goldsboro in 2021.

A total of 486 felony cases were assigned to ten investigators in 2021, a decrease of 17% from 2020.

Chief West says the city’s Shot Spotter system is active and alerting officers to cases of gunfire.

The GPD also uses the Shot Spotter data to map where instances of gunfire have been more likely to occur.

He says technology like Shot Spotter helps as a “force multiplier” when the department is dealing with staffing shortages.

Chief West says the Goldsboro Police Department currently has 30 vacancies.

The Goldsboro City Council’s annual retreat allows for an in-depth look at numerous departments, organizations and issues as the city prepares to enter its budget season.

From Goldsboro Police Chief Mike West’s presentation at the City Council Annual Retreat.
Goldsboro Police Chief Mike West (right) addresses the City Council on Monday.


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