County Moves Toward Designing Next DSS/Health Department Facility

County Moves Toward Designing Next DSS/Health Department Facility

(GDN) — Wayne County is taking the next steps toward updating its DSS and Health Department facilities. 

Earlier this week, the full Wayne County Board of Commissioners instructed the Facilities Committee to have Moseley Architects proceed with the schematic design of the new building. 

County Manager Craig Honeycutt says the county will be be working very hard to stay within budget while also addressing the needs for the facility.

County Board Chair Joe Daughtery says the county is trying to move as quickly as it can to get to the design phase.

Thursday, the Wayne County Facilities Committee discussed the schematic drawing and layout for the new building that will house the county’s Department of Social Services and Health Department. 

Wayne County’s 2021-2022 budget included a tax increase to cover the debt ($58 million total) the county will incur for several facility projects, including $25 million for the new DSS and Health Department Building.

The current Wayne County Health Department / DSS Building at the corner of Ash Street and Herman Street.