WCPS To Host Second STEMKAMP With Goshen Education Consulting

WCPS To Host Second STEMKAMP With Goshen Education Consulting

This summer from June 13th to June 17th, approximately 125 Wayne County Public School students will embark on a five-day STEM-focused summer camp. STEMKAMP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Kids of Active Military Personnel) offers participating students in grades 3-8 fun, hands-on, immersive activities designed to help them explore a wide range of STEM-related careers. WCPS will be the third host of this summer’s STEMKAMP, “New Frontiers in Space”, where students will explore what life on another planet might look like.

In 2020, WCPS was selected as one of only ten districts nationwide to participate in STEMKAMP, a camp which focuses on bringing STEM-based activities to kids of active military personnel. WCPS was invited to host STEMKAMP by Goshen Education Consulting, Inc., a prominent STEM educational evaluation and research center, who received a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to fund the camps nationwide. Goshen selected WCPS based on its connection with families employed at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

Goshen partners with the Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators and helping restore America’s leadership in technology education.  iBIO is responsible for creating the hands-on STEM-based camp activities for STEMKAMP which also encourages students to consider a future career in a STEM-related discipline.

As the largest employer of scientists and engineers in the world, the Department of Defense recognizes the importance of inspiring students to become STEM professionals. Goshen Education Consulting, along with iBIO, have created this program for third through eighth graders based on published research data that students who express an early interest in pursuing a STEM career are two to three times more likely to graduate with a STEM college degree.

Regarding the students at STEMKAMP, Shannon McWhorter, STEMKAMP Program Director, said, “Last year, 91% of Wayne County parents agreed that STEMKAMP made their child feel more confident learning STEM disciplines. We love seeing the student’s excitement for STEM grow each day of camp. STEMKAMP really is igniting a passion for STEM in our students!” The STEMKAMP summer enrichment program will impact up to 3,750 children in military families across the United States. STEMKAMP will also be held in Sparta, WI; Cibolo, TX; Derby, KS; Mascoutah, IL; North Hanover, NJ; Fairbanks, AK; Yelm, WA; Grand Forks, ND; and Middletown, RI.

For more information about STEMKAMP, visit www.stemkamp.net or contact Shannon McWhorter, STEMKAMP Program Director, at shannon@gosheneducationconsulting.com.

Wayne County Students at 2021 STEMKAMP