Community Welcome To Cheer On “Night To Shine Parade”

Community Welcome To Cheer On “Night To Shine Parade”

(GDN) — An exceptional day is in store for persons with special needs. 

The Night to Shine Prom is being held this Friday. 

Before the virtual event Friday evening, the honored guests will have a chance to get dressed up for the prom at The First Church in Goldsboro. 

The community is then welcome to come and cheer on the honored guests as they take part in a Night to Shine Parade at The First Church starting at 1 PM on Friday. 

Donna Countryman with the First Baptist Church says signs and pom-poms will be provided to spectators to help it be an extra special evening for the attendees.

The First Church and First Baptist Church teamed up for this year’s local Night to Shine event in Goldsboro. 

An initiative of the Tim Tebow Foundation, Night to Shine offers special needs individuals around the world a chance to attend their very own prom. 

Each honored guest will be crowned king or queen at the conclusion of the evening’s event.