WCPS Announces District Administrative Change

WCPS Announces District Administrative Change

On Monday evening, during its monthly meeting, the Wayne County Board of Education approved the following district-level administrative change:

Executive Director, Dr. Carol Artis, was named Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction (C&I). In addition to her regular duties, Dr. Artis has served on the district Leadership Team for the past year, taking on duties which were previously handled by Tamara Berman Ishee who resigned as Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, December 31, 2020.  

“Dr. Artis is a highly skilled and veteran educator who has proven herself through the many contributions she has made to the district and to our schools through her department leadership and management, especially over the past year,” states Dr. Lewis, superintendent. “She brings with her a wealth of experience and an invaluable knowledge-base in curriculum, professional development, school improvement and the Federal Programs area. I anticipate a smooth transition for her into this new role.”

Prior to being named Executive Director of C&I and Federal Programs in June of 2017, Dr. Artis spent four years as Director of Elementary Education and School Improvement. Dr. Artis has 35 years education and administration experience.

In her current role, she has overseen the district’s federal programs department and provided program evaluation to help ensure resources and services provided to students are vetted and positively impact student growth. In her previous role, she provided direct oversight in the areas of early learning and literacy, and has worked to facilitate consistent quality programming in every WCPS elementary school. She was also involved in planning professional development for the district and led District Improvement and School Improvement planning.

Prior to her transition to the WCPS Administrative Offices, Dr. Artis spent 11 years as principal of North Drive Elementary. She was also an assistant principal at North Drive Elementary, a curriculum facilitator at School Street Elementary, and a teacher at School Street Elementary. Before joining WCPS, she taught at Edwin A. Alderman Elementary School, in Wilmington, North Carolina. Dr. Artis holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in school administration, a master’s degree in education and curriculum, and a doctorate’s degree in educational leadership.

Dr. Artis will officially begin her new role March 1.