New Partnership Provides UMO Students Access To 24/7 Tutoring

New Partnership Provides UMO Students Access To 24/7 Tutoring

The University of Mount Olive Learning Commons has partnered with, one of the world’s largest online tutoring services, to provide 24/7 online tutoring services for the University’s 2,000+ traditional, adult, and graduate students.

Through the partnership, UMO students can access on-demand, 1-to-1 learning support from’s expert tutors. With offerings spanning more than 250 subjects available at any time day or night, enables students to access encouraging, effective help in academic as well as career/technical topics—often connecting within seconds. Students may also utilize’s drop-off writing and resume/cover letter review services, with turnaround times of fewer than 12 hours.

“The biggest benefit of choosing is accessibility,” said Dean of the Learning Commons Dr. Delight Yokley. “Our traditional and adult students are managing not only their academic pursuits, but also family, professional, and extracurricular obligations. Our administration and faculty recognize this and are committed to serving students’ needs.”

According to Yokley, makes available tutoring services for all students who might need academic assistance, whether it’s a little help with a particular problem or if they have reached a major stumbling block in understanding a concept.

Beyond live tutoring and review services, students can access video lessons, quizzes, practice graduate entrance exams, and other resources in’s SkillsCenter Resource Library. Members of the UMO community can also attend’s periodic no-cost webinars featuring expert insights into improving study habits, launching successful careers, and other topics of interest.

A key benefit of is that it provides faculty and administrators with early alerts for struggling students, as well as access to real-time data and analytics through’s Client Portal, a dashboard featuring immediate displays of tutoring session activity. There, they can get actionable data to address curricular challenges and provide just-in-time support for students who need it.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Todd Telemeco said, “Access to these resources adds to the repertoire of academic support services provided by the University through the Learning Commons and demonstrates our long-standing commitment to student success. We think this is a game changer that adds to the value of a UMO education.”

Ulric Hill, Director of Academic Resource Center, agreed, “ is one more tool in our box to help students achieve academic success.”

Hill noted that in addition to, UMO’s Academic Resource Center offers supplemental instruction for challenging and rigorous general education courses, collaborative group sessions for selective upper division courses, and a Learning Accountability Program for students in need of a structured study experience. “The ARC also has a peer tutoring program with an abundance of peer tutors available to students for individual course help that is provided online and in person,” Hill said.

University President Dr. H. Edward Croom concluded by saying, “Student success is our business and we are always looking for new ways and new resources to give our students every opportunity and every advantage, because ultimately their success is our success. We are proud to partner with as one more means of creating an environment of academic excellence.”