Commissioners Proclaim Black History Month In Wayne County

Commissioners Proclaim Black History Month In Wayne County

(GDN) – Wayne County is celebrating Black History Month.

At its Tuesday, February 1st meeting, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners officially proclaimed February as Black History Month in Wayne County. 

Commissioner Antonio Williams read the proclamation.

The proclamation states “much of Wayne County’s honor, strength and stature can be attributed to the diversity of cultures and traditions that are celebrated by the resident of this great county.”

The document also says “as a result of their determination, hard work, intelligence and perseverance, African Americans have made valuable and lasting contributions to Wayne County and our state, achieving exceptional success in all aspects of society including business, education, politics, science and the arts.”

Black History Month was formally adopted in 1976 to honor and affirm the importance of black history throughout our American experience.

The 2022 Black History Month Proclamation unanimously approved by the Wayne County Commissioners on Feb. 1.