Saluting Seymour

Saluting Seymour

Every week, Saluting Seymour and SoundScope highlight an airman serving at the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.

Senior Airman Kalisha Wheeler from the 4th Fighter Wing

Wheeler has been in the Air Force four years.  She comes to Goldsboro from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  She says she joined for college assistance and to travel.  Wheeler’s job involves scheduling aircraft takeoffs, landings and maintenance.  She says about her Air Force technical training was brief, but she started learning more hands-on when she arrived at her first duty station at Aviano in Italy. Wheeler has been stationed in Goldsboro about two years, and she and her husband like to travel around the state when they have time.  Wheeler says the Air Force takes care of her family, and education.  She also know she can utilize her training in a post-Air Force career.

SoundScope can be heard on Fridays at 5:45 AM, 6:45 AM and 7:45 AM on Goldsboro’s Greatest Hits 1150 AM and 98.3 FM.

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