Wayne County Chamber President Stepping Down Next Month

Wayne County Chamber President Stepping Down Next Month

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce has announced its president is stepping down:

Since May of 2013, Kate Daniels has served at the helm of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce working alongside an incredible team to carry out the mission of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce. Earlier this week, Daniels announced her last day will be February 25th. She is excited about this next chapter in her life and the opportunity to spend more time with her family.

“When I first started at the Chamber, the membership retention rate was around 70%. Through strategic efforts to transform the membership experience and ensure we are making meaningful connections with the business community, we have maintained over 90% retention rate since 2014. We have paid off debt, tackled community issues, advocated for business, and have engaged the community in countless events and programs. We have brought our community together through some strong times and really challenging times. And we did it together, just like it has been done throughout the history of the organization,” Daniels said.

Wayne County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Kevin Johnson expressed appreciation for the ever-present leadership Kate has shared in the community. “Kate has stood alongside owners and employees of over 500 ribbon cutting ceremonies, attended over 800 community events, emceed, and rallied for our county on all fronts, and has been instrumental in the committee work of the Chamber and its impact on education, talent development, agriculture, legislative, military, and both small and large businesses.”

“The greatest joys have come from working along an incredible team and volunteers who are focused on the good. A team of people focused on where the opportunities lie and never where the hurdles are. It’s that forward thinking that makes the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce so successful in the past, present, and in the future. There has never been a more critical time for strong partners in communities, and I commend every member for recognizing the value of supporting the Chamber who brings people, ideas, missions, and opportunities together. The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce is in an incredible position with the team in place to continue to deliver its mission to the community, and I look forward to continuing to champion for its success from the sidelines. I trust the growing membership will continue to be engaged in the efforts of the Chamber because these efforts change communities. And they change them for the good.”

A timeline for the presidential search will be announced soon.