Unprecedented Effort: Wayne County Hits One Year Of COVID Vaccine Distribution

Unprecedented Effort: Wayne County Hits One Year Of COVID Vaccine Distribution

(GDN) — It’s been all hands on deck during Wayne County’s effort to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The Wayne County Health Department began administering the vaccine to residents just about one year ago. 

Dr. Jim Stackhouse, Medical Director with the Wayne County Health Department, says “it’s been exhausting for the health department.”

He says they’ve given about 19,000 first doses, 16,000 second doses, and they’re pushing past 6,000 third doses at this time.

Dr. Stackhouse says about 92% of the older population (65+) in Wayne County has been vaccinated.

Stackhouse says Wayne County EMS personnel have been primarily responsible for administering the shots at the county’s vaccine clinic. 

Some groups have also helped by provided staffing for the vaccine clinic.

Stackhouse reminds it’s not too late to get your first dose or a booster, and he says the vaccine can reduce your risk of dying from COVID-19 by the power of ten.

Dr. Stackhouse says the more people that get vaccinated and the quicker the population reaches herd immunity, it will become less likely the virus will be able to mutate into new variants.

He warns the omicron variant is tending to hit hardest amongst younger people (35-50), and those with obesity, lung disease, asthma, and hypertension.

Dr. Stackhouse says the first day the vaccine clinic was open at the Bussmann Building, Wayne County Commissioner Wayne Aycock noticed they needed a handrail for an entrance ramp, and they had that handrail just 20 minutes later.

Wayne County has had to switch locations and is now providing the vaccine and booster shots at 1322 W. Grantham Street, a former Food Lion in the Little River Square shopping center.

Visit WayneGov.com/vaccine to schedule a vaccination appointment.

Dr. James Stackhouse with the Wayne County Health Department gives a COVID-19 update at a Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting in September.


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