Ray Steps Down As Goldsboro Head Football Coach

Ray Steps Down As Goldsboro Head Football Coach

Timothy Ray made a difficult decision, but he believes it is the right path for his future. After four seasons at the helm, Ray recently stepped down as the head football coach at Goldsboro.

“It was just something that I prayed on. I had some life changes happen throughout the season, and it was just best for me and my family,” Ray said.

Ray spoke with his players last week to inform them of his decision to step down.

“I spoke with them during our first week back from Christmas break to let them know,” Ray said. “I tried to keep it positive and to let them know that whether I’m in the building or not that I’m always there for them, and I’m always going to be in their corner.”

Ray was named head coach after Elvin James stepped down in July 2018. Named head coach just days before the season started, Ray guided the Cougars to the second round of the N.C. High School Athletic Association 2A playoffs.

During his four seasons as head coach, Ray led the Cougars to three playoff appearances in four seasons.

“Coach James and the administrative staff that’s been here during my five years here have all been great for me,” Ray said. “I learned a lot about myself at Goldsboro.

“Five of my first six years teaching have been at Goldsboro, and that’s something that I’ll never forget.”

Ray’s successor has not officially been named, and he wishes nothing but the best for the football program. He is looking forward to watching the Cougars compete next season.

“I feel like the program is in a better place than when I arrived here, and that’s the biggest thing that I wanted to leave,” Ray said.

For his next step, Ray is heading back home to Red Springs in February. He graduated from Red Springs High School, and he is looking forward to his next challenge and going back home.

“When Mr. Nelson became the principal, I told him ‘I’ll be here, and the only place I could leave Goldsboro for is to go back home, and I kept that promise to him,” Ray said.

He made plenty of memories during his time as Goldsboro’s football coach. Still, the most enjoyable part of his career at Goldsboro was time with his players off the football field.

“All of the Eastern Wayne games were great, all the county games were, and I enjoyed them all,” Ray said. “Most of my best memories aren’t the ones on the field. The bus rides, and stuff like that, those are the great memories that not everybody sees.”