New Grant Could Ease County’s Burden For Fremont Elementary School

New Grant Could Ease County’s Burden For Fremont Elementary School

(GDN) — Wayne County is dealt a beneficial surprise as it works to build the new Fremont Elementary School. 

The state has made some changes to a funding source for school construction. 

Wayne County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent for Support Services Dr. Tim Harrell explained the good news at this week’s school board meeting. 

Under the original grant, the state would provide $15 million for the new Fremont school.  Wayne County had also committed $8 million for the school’s construction and would have to give up approximately $6 million in Lottery funds over the next five years.

Under the new grant, a district can receive up to $30 million from the state for the construction of a new elementary school.  The county’s match for that would only be 5% or $1.5 million.  Also, the county will not have to lose its Lottery funds for five years.

This week, both the Wayne County Board of Education and the Wayne County Board of Commissioners approved the application to increase the prior grant award for the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund for Fremont Elementary School.

County Board Chair Joe Daughtery praised the legislators that made the new grant parameters possible, and he said, “this is one time government is running at an unbelievable pace.”

By reapplying, Wayne County is in no danger of losing its current grant award.

The Fremont Elementary School plan.