County Approves Incentives For New Hosokawa Facility

County Approves Incentives For New Hosokawa Facility

(GDN) — Wayne County approves economic incentives for a new employer. 

This week, the Wayne County Commissioners gave the okay for a $240,000 incentive grant for Hosakawa Micron International. 

Wayne County Development Alliance President Mark Pope gave information on the incentives during Tuesday’s County Board meeting.

The incentive grant is payable over over ten years in exchange for the company’s commitment to invest over $6.3 million in capital investments and create 16 jobs in Wayne County. 

Pope says this is a performance-based incentive grant, and the county will watch to ensure the jobs are being created and the investment is being made.

Hosokawa’s facility will be located at the ParkEast Industrial Park.

Although wages will vary, the average annual salary for all new positions is $50,994, creating a potential payroll impact of more than $815,900 per year.

Hosokawa Custom Processing Services LLC, is the custom processing division of Hosokawa Micron Corporation, a leader in process solutions for powder and particle technology. The custom processing business processes powders to be used primarily by the chemical, mineral, and plastic industries. The new location in Goldsboro will be the new home of the business currently located in New Jersey.

Hosokawa, Wayne County and state officials announce the company’s planned moved to Goldsboro on Nov. 17.