WCC Magazine, Students Win Regional & National Awards

WCC Magazine, Students Win Regional & National Awards

Renaissance, Wayne Community College’s writers’ and artists’ magazine, and its contributors have been recognized by the Community College Humanities Association

The magazine’s 2020 and 2021 issues, as well as eight writers and artists whose works appeared in them, were honored. CCHA was not able to hold a Literary Magazine Competition in 2020 so issues and pieces from both years were allowed in this year’s contest.

The magazine took first place for its 2020 issue and second place for the 2021 issue in the association’s Southern Division. The 2020 issue went on to be the national winner.

Eight students received Southern Division awards.

Honored for their 2020 works were Jesus Quiroz, Best Poem first place for “I”; and Gracie Casey, Best Artwork first place for “Blue Flower, Red Thorns.”

Awards for the 2021 issue contents went to Riley Thompson, Best Poem third place for “We Are What the Stories Spoke Of”; Charles Wright Jr. Best Short Stories first place for “A Park Between”; Riley Thompson, Best Short Stories second place for “The Starman”; John Stiles, Best Short Stories third place for “Arkansas Summer”; Grace Boros, Best Artwork second place for “Little Zambian Girl”; and Glendalyn Louise Bongala, Best Artwork third place for “Hyperpigmentation”.

WCC English Instructors Jeff Williams, Ashley Merrill, and Dean Tuck are the magazine’s editors.

The criteria for awards in the Best Magazine category are aesthetics, correct editing, ease of navigation, and strength of student work.

Magazines compete within their “weight” class determined by college enrollment and publication budgets. First through third places are awarded within each of five geographical regions and nationally.

The 36th and 37th volumes of “Renaissance,” published in April 2020 and April 2021 respectively, and past issues, are posted at www.waynecc.edu/renaissance/.

Printing of the magazine is partially funded by a grant from the Foundation of Wayne Community College.

The annual literary magazine competition, which highlights student work from all over the nation, is one of the highlights of the Community College Humanities Association. The competition reinforces the CCHA mission of helping to shape and strengthen students with their personal and professional growth in the humanities.

Editors for Renaissance, Wayne Community College’s writers’ and artists’ magazine, pose with the 2020 and 2021 issues and the Best Magazine awards earned by the publications in the Community College Humanities Association’s Literary Magazine Competition. The editors are (left to right) English Instructors Dean Tuck, Jeff Williams, and Ashley Merrill.


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