City Manager Talks Recent Employee Resignations

City Manager Talks Recent Employee Resignations

(GDN) — How come Goldsboro’s department heads appear to keep heading for greener pastures? 

With several high-profile departures from the city in recent weeks and months, Goldsboro City Manager Tim Salmon addressed the rash of employee resignations and what is being done to stop the turnover at the last city council meeting.

Salmon noted resignations have increased across the country during the past year.

Goldsboro’s city employee turnover rate has increased from 1% to 1.5%, which Salmon says is slightly more than the average for government.

Salmon say the reasons for the recent resignations include employees reexamining their work-life balance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, other employers are willing to pay for trustworthy employees from government.

To help stem the tide, Salmon says the city has enabled reasonable COVID policies as possible.

There have been targeted pay raised for the police, fire public works, public utility, and other departments through retention certification and position reclassification.

The City Manager says the city has provided a $250 holiday bonus this year.

The city is also planning to undertake an employee survey.

The resignations this year from Goldsboro City Government have included the city’s Planning Director, Public Utilities Director and Fire Chief.

Goldsboro City Manager Tim Salmon addresses the city council on Nov. 15.