Norwayne Alumni & Friends Focuses Mission On Community Health

Norwayne Alumni & Friends Focuses Mission On Community Health

Norwayne Alumni and Friends, Inc., headquartered at 106 East Norwayne Alumni Way in Fremont, consistently looks for ways to impact the community. Recently, there was incident at the Alumni building where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was needed. CPR is an emergency lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating.

It was taking EMS an exceptional amount of time to arrive. Herbert Lewis, a certified CPR instructor via the American Heart Association (AHA), happened to be at headquarters. Mr. Lewis immediately administered CPR. Proving it’s good to have the training and not need it than need it and not have it. “I was glad to be of assistance in this emergency situation… I wanted to make sure that the person at least had a chance to survive,” stated Herbert Lewis.

Herbert and his wife, Teresa, are both CPR certified and are NAFI members. They volunteer to provide free CPR training to NAFI members at the headquarters by appointment. Cost for non- NAFI members is $50. To schedule an appointment to receive CPR training call NAFI headquarters at 919-242-8844. Herbert and Teresa Lewis are 1977 graduates of Charles B. Aycock. To get CPR training in your area, contact your local American Red Cross, fire department, AHA, or EMS.

“Our mission encompasses a myriad of concerns including education, health, equal rights, and assistance to the underserved,” stated Larry Jones, NAFI president. On Tuesday, November 16, NAFI, in partnership with the Fremont Christian Fellowship Alliance, will provide food to serve approximately 125 underserved families in time for Thanksgiving.

The Norwayne Alumni and Friends, Inc. was founded in 1972 by graduates of Norwayne High School. We are a non-profit, community focused organization, dedicated to supporting and assisting students primarily in the northern Wayne area in their pursuit of higher education. To date we are proud to have provided scholarships for over 500 students. Funds raised are also used to support other qualified needs in the surrounding community.

For additional information about NAFI, contact the Alumni Office at 919-242-8844 or email [email protected].