Farm-City Week Celebrated In Wayne County

Farm-City Week Celebrated In Wayne County

(GDN) — Breaking down the barriers between farmers and city residents. 

The intention of Farm-City Week is to help farm and city residents become better acquainted and understand their relationship to one another. 

Wayne County Cooperative Extension Director Kevin Johnson read the 2021 Farm-City Week Proclamation at this week’s Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting. 

Johnson says this is a time to celebrate agriculture and its contributions to the community.

The proclamation declares agriculture and agribusiness together bring in $1 billion of income to Wayne County, representing 20% of the county’s income and 20% of the county’s employment.

Johnson says we need to realize we share common needs whether we live on a farm or in the city.

Commissioner Barbara Aycock thanked the farming community.

Aycock has lived on a working farm for years, and she says farming life helped her children become good citizens for our community.

November 19th through the 25th is being recognized as Farm-City Week in Wayne County.

Wayne County’s 2021 Farm-City Week Proclamation
Kevin Johnson reads the Farm-City Week Proclamation at the Nov. 16 Wayne County Board meeting.